Barbara Houghton

There is now a book of Political Prayers at Here is the link.

dancing with galileo

Political Prayers

India Chapters: After the first glance

Power & Protection

Changing India, One Woman at a Time...


From a quote from Henry Miller "One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things."

Popular Culture

Of Time and Place

Artist Books

from India and Singapore 2005-2010

the journey

A Couple of Family Stories; Vol. 1

a handbound, inkjet printed volume with diaper pin binding.

Early work: from the 1970s through 1992 when I came to NKU from Colorado. Includes cyanotypes from 1974-76, Diana camera images from that same period, 4x5 camera work from Lingerie in the Landscape, and What we wear, a NEA grant work from a documentary project I co-directed called From This Land, early color manipulated and installation work from Lost in the Landscape, The Day of the Dead, Learning the Sport, and video installation/photo work from a few projects and finally the 1980s early computer/digital work before digital cameras and when printers were no good.

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