All of these prints were made with 4x5 negatives contact printed and enlarged, combined with photograms of objects, xeroxes and writing on Ektacolor paper. Some images were shot from TV during broadcast and some shot on site. All are tongue in cheek with sexual inuendo.


The images are part of installations with performance as part of the viewing experience. In the baseball one, I built a pitchers mound on astroturf in the gallery with the same red dirt that was used then at Mile High Stadium where our then minor league team played. During the opening, I invited the baseball team from my college to come in uniform to stand in at the batters box and for the pitcher to throw and the catcher to catch. NO hits were done.


In the Football one, A living room rug turns into the astroturf football field. The living room is set up ready for watching the game with sports pages strewn on the floor. The scene is set with snacks, sound and a comfy lounge chair. As you move down into the field, the Refs are hung away from the wall so you need to move in and out to see the exhibit. Referencing a player "running a pattern" viewers move from each end of the field to pass each other in the pattern and play.


images and installation pieces, 1982-1983                                               all contents © barbara houghton 2022