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On the evening of Feb 21st, our home exploded

After Keith had spent most of the day shoveling the neighborhood and then our "flat" roof, at about 10:45 he took a shower. When he turned off the water, the water heater lit and our house exploded. The shower was about 6 feet through the wall from the water heater. He was covered with glass shrapnel and cut his feet badly trying to get out of the damaged house. I was on the other side of the wall in our master bedroom in bed listening to my ipod under the covers when the place blew. One of the cats was at the foot of the bed, she ran screaming to the back of the house and the other cat who was in the living room must have run downstairs.


Our neighbors were the first there and soon the medics, fire department and police. Long story short, we were not so badly hurt but went to the hospital so they could pick the glass out of Keith and check both of us out.


We were in the part of the house shown as that red box area. That was the sauna in our bedroom suite. The picture shows no garage any more and contents of the garage and house blown all over the cars and driveway. The temperatures were extremely cold and forensic investigators declared that this is what caused the gas leak. Oddly, we smelled nothing.



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