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Some years after spending extended times in India, I began to work with images and objects that I collected to try to tell individual stories.


My jumping off point were these miniature paintings on very old stamp and revenue papers that I found in a flea market in Delhi. Each tell their own story with icons or hold religious significance to one of the many gods. You will find these in the studios of the painters hung on the walls or in books to showcase the talents of the various artists.


My new work using these scanned parts and my own photographs tell stories and reference how the culture showed itself in a related manner. For me, they are about my joyful reactions to life lived in interactions with people on the streets, and at significant places of reverence and celebration.


The visual density often seen here relates directly to the visual density one experiences when walking almost anywhere in India. For me they contain the noise, smells, and wonder that I personally experienced when absorbing life around me. I am thankful for the generosity of my new friends and strangers.


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