Early Computer Work 1986-1992

As soon as the Amiga computer and was available in 1986, I bought one, and got a flatbed scanner right away. Then I bought a crude HP inkjet printer that used paper with the roller holes on each side and only printed on 8.5x11 paper with inks that were never archival. In those days, you could pick up the phone to ask questions of the software developer. In 1987-1988, I began working on a mac and the earliest versions of Photoshop. In the early days, you would load the system then the software by disks one at a time each time you wanted to work. I would use my video camera to tape myself and then bring the video image into the computer and frame grab images. You can see the jiggly video in some of the images. I would combine layers of images, make fake shadows, scan from books and objects to create the work

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