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dancing with galileo

a love affair with galileo

at first i followed your footsteps. i visited the places you haunted. i tried to imagine being in the room with you and asking how you knew what others did not and would not believe. i loved your instruments but for me, they were metaphors for connections and observations. i wanted to know you - i so loved your rebellious spirit. i danced in and out of the room with you. you led me on the journey. i never got dizzy with your spinning in the dance. the room became a cell and the journey became confused. you were not all that I had imagined. your intelligence was also your burden. your intelligence was also your flaw. you were stubborn, willful and self-absorbed. you had to show up those were not as smart. your conceit was your undoing. i still long to dance with you because now i see you more whole. you are still my hero but a human one. sometimes you step on my foot as we dance. sometimes you are weary. sometimes your ghost disappears and leaves me dancing alone....

bh 2005

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