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Power & Protection:

This book is a limited edition archival inkjet book folded as a accordion book that flips and changes direction. It was made as a one sheet, one book challenge. It is 4" square with images as panoramas across two book pages on the fold. The book tells the personal tale of a girl whose early introduction to Catholicism went awry but through humorous stories tells how she came to reject organized religion but believe in a personal spirituality.


I went to my first confession believing that the priest turned into Jesus like the pictures in our religion book. It was like Superman on the TV. So, when I went into that dark closet and had to say my little girl sins, to Jesus, I was scared knowing that he could really read my mind so why did I have to talk? Then I could not remember the damn act of contrition and Father Steckel was on the other side of the screen, not Jesus, and he was going to call my mother and tell her I did not know the prayer. I was filled with guilt and shame. Then it slowly dawned on me, they lied about this...


from the text:

A Couple of Family Stories

from the book:



A funny, and embarrassing book of stories told and embellished in our family. With 12 kids and two irreverent parents, you can imagine the wealth of information to spread. But with the huge extended family, those stories multiply. Some are innocent and sweet, some are dark and a warning is given. These are compiled in an effort to not lose the stories in time....


This book is bound with diaper or safety pins like my mother wore as her "jewelry" on whatever she had on. It is an inkjet printed book with signatures.

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